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Welcome to the Lockwood-Edler-Wood Family website, created to chart the family histories of the three families from which I am descended. The site is continually expanding, and during 2006 has, on my father's paternal Lockwoods side, been successfully traced back to John Lockwood and his wife Harriet who were born in the 1790s. At present the Lockwood provide eight generations of links.


My mother's paternal family, the Woods, goes back one generation less, to Charles Wood and his wife, Annie Roach, each born in Ireland in the 1850s. However, although not in a direct line, we can nevertheless go back one generation higher through Annie, hacving estalished that her father was Charles Roach, born 1811, who was married to Mary (no surname), 10 years his junior.


The most difficult family to trace has been my mother's maternal line. By an extraordinary quirk of fate, her own mother, Charlotte Edler, was born in the same year and the same parish as another Charlotte Edler. In time, as more records become publicly available, it is hoped to progress further with research into the Edler family.


The site is continually expanding, as are the photo galleries, documentation and background information. In time, it is hoped to provide online charts outlining family trees to facilitate others researching similarly-named family groups..


While these are being prepared, please look over the Alphabetical Listing and individual entries. Much of the early information has been collated from Census records and birth, death and marriage archives. Most of these provide merely the quarter of the year in which events occurred. Every effort has been made to verify material by cross-referencing and researching other family trees. Confusingly, in similar fashion to grandmother Charlotte Edler's namesake, there are several instances of Lockwoods being born in the same vicinity, within the same year and being assigned similar names. As a result, any additional information, possible corrections or amendments are welcomed to help ensure complete accuracy. Please click on the link below to provide your feedback.




Pat Roberts née Lockwood, London, November 2008









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